Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

1. Do’s

  • Be polite and respectful to your parents, teachers, staff of the School and elderly citizens.
  • Greet them whenever you happen to pass by them.
  • Be friendly with each other in and out of School.
  • Be punctual.
  • Be neat and clean.
  • Be humble in your success and chivalrous in your failures.
  • Be honest, upright and truthful.
  • Be co-operative and exhibit team spirit and positive attitude / conduct.
  • Exhibit exemplary behaviour and show respect for the feelings of others.
  • Be patient, tolerant and secular.
  • Take pride in yourself, your School, your parents and your Nation.
  • Be courteous, remember “Thank You” and “Please” are two very good words.
  • Be thankful to God for every thing that He has given to you,
  • Believe in yourself and have courage. Remember God is with you always and everywhere.
  • Practice tolerance and acceptance of diverse races and cultures.
  • Talk of reconciliation where there is injury.
  • Be the first to forgive others; show magnanimity.
  • Be always optimistic; hope for the best.
  • Promote creativity and spontaneity in your work.
  • Love values of work, respect, service, loyalty, dialogue, sharing and brotherhood.
  • Always come forward and take up responsibilities, discover and develop your talents.
  • Love your work as it enhances the dignity of the person.
  • Seize every occasion to proclaim the benefits of Peace.
  • No legacy is so rich as honesty.
  • Be gentle with those who are younger than you.
  • Always be concerned and helpful to the needs of the underprivileged.
  • Always speak well of our School, management, teachers and School mates.
  • Be courteous and sportsman-like with opposing teams and sports officers.
  • While entering somebody’s room, knock the door first and gently seek prior permission.

2. Don’ts 

  • Do not cause hurt through your words or deeds.
  • Do not be afraid to speak the truth or to accept mistakes.
  • Do not damage or disfigure property of your School, public properties or at home.
  • Do not use abusive language.
  • Do not look down upon those who are less privileged, weak or physically challenged.
  • Do not ill-treat animals or birds.
  • Do not mock or ridicule others’ failures or weakness.
  • Do not pass casteist, anti religious, or racial comments.
  • Do not be arrogant or unreasonable.
  • Do not copy or cheat in exams or anywhere else.
  • Do not steal.
  • Do not harbour revenge or grudge.
  • Do not yield to jealousy and pettiness.
  • Do not give up in the face of failures; try it until you succeed.
  • Do not offend anybody ; and do not hesitate to say ‘I am sorry’, should you have committed a mistake.
  • Do not interrupt anybody while in conversation and wait till your turn comes, with due pardon.
  • Do not stare inside while passing through open doors or windows.
  • Never tell a lie nor ever indulge in rumour mongering.


3. Forbidden Practices:-

No student shall indulge in any of the following practices:-

  • (a) Violence in any form.
  • (b) Sex related Offenses.
  • (c) Rude and disorderly behaviour.
  • (d) Smoking.
  • (e) Use of drugs or intoxicants.
  • (f) Any form of gambling.
  • (g) Spitting in or near School building except in any spittoon provided by the school.
  • (h) Wallowing in casteism, communalism and practice of untouchability.

Anybody found indulging in forbidden practices will be liable to strict disciplinary action including dismissal.